mango quinoa deliciousness and Forks Over Knives

I really have about six posts to do. I’m debating doing them all in one, but that could get confusing. This week alone, we’ve tried two different veggie burgers, chia pudding, quinoa salad (pictured here), roasted potatoes, gluten-free flat bread, banana/chocolate/peanut butter ice cream, vegan enchiladas, and a peanut/broccoli/tofu dish. This is what happens when you let your teenager watch Forks Over Knives. Suddenly you find yourself making homemade bread twice a week and packing school lunches and watching in disbelief as your son attempts to eat tofu. Bless his heart. He even said it was good. Although I noted a good amount of tofu was left on his plate “I’m full, but it’s good”. :-) Love that boy.

Have you seen Forks Over Knives? I read The China Study late last year and  Forks Over Knives is basically a documentary about that book. Don’t watch it unless you want to make some changes in how you eat! Unless, of course, you already eat entirely vegan, in which case, you will feel fully justified in your eating choices.

Colin is motivated to lessen his intake of meat and dairy. It is challenging for an on-the-go teenager to fully incorporate a vegan lifestyle and still get all the necessary nutrients. We’ve gotten up earlier this week to prepare good lunches, and I’ve been pulling out all the cookbooks trying to find tempting vegan recipes for us all. My poor husband, who was hiking happily through a canyon while all this was going on, has come home to veggie burgers and vegan enchiladas. I will admit he slips into the kitchen and slices some Dubliner cheese to top his dinners. :-)

Mango/Quinoa Salad from the blog Our Best Bites was really easy to make and everyone liked it. And, bonus, it is pretty.

Then we tried  Gena’s chia pudding again- this time blending the chia seed up  and adding raw cacao powder and some stevia. Quite delicious. Chia pudding has a very light taste- it’s the texture that can be off-putting (something about taking one bite and having to be careful that the whole bowl of it doesn’t come up with that bite). With banana and walnuts on top- it is an incredibly filling and nutritious breakfast. We used our homemade almond milk but you can certainly buy almond milk at the store.
This post is going to be continued tomorrow, as I just hopped up to make Colin banana/strawberry “ice cream” because he was hunting dessert and that’s how I roll. Well, and I wanted some too. Tip #1, when blending frozen bananas to make ice cream, don’t use your Cuisinart fresh out of the warm dishwasher. You won’t get frozen banana “gravel” you will get mush. It will still taste good, blended with fresh strawberries, but it will look more like a smoothie than ice cream. Tip #2, best to use all frozen fruit, rather than fresh and frozen mixed, because fresh fruit contributes to the smoothie appearance. We tried it earlier this week, blending frozen banana, cocoa powder, and natural peanut butter- oh. my. deliciousness.
The next post will include my sister-in-law’s aforementioned broccoli/peanut/tofu recipe (really tasty) and a link to vegan enchiladas, gluten-free flat-bread, and the amazing roasted potatoes. Also links to the two different veggie burger recipes. Goodness. That will be a long post. Something to look forward to! :-).

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