it was an orange kind of week

Have I mentioned this roasted potato salad from A Couple Cooks yet? No? I am remiss. It is delicious!! I have made it three times already in the past two weeks. I leave out the egg, to make it vegan (although there is honey in the dressing so there’s that whole argument I choose to avoid), but I don’t change anything else if I can help it. It’s been a big hit in our house!

Then there is this delicious curried carrot dip from Veganonmicon– this is the first recipe I tried from that book and it is yum! You must use the right amount of carrots- this time, I used too many and it watered down the taste of the dip.

And then the vegan enchiladas I promised yesterday, from Gena at Choosing Raw again (what can I say? she makes good food). She also provides great nutritional information.

Do admire my beautiful new Cuisinart 3-qt saucepan. A downside to a budding chef in the house is the occasional misuse and even the demise of a pot or pan. An upside is then I have the perfect excuse to buy a new one. This one, however, is going to bear a sign that says: “If your name is not Kelly, put this down and back away. Now.” This little beauty cooked up those sweet potatoes in no time. Awesome. They became the filler, once mixed with black beans, black strap molasses, and a few other goodies, for the enchiladas. The funny thing about using Daiya “cheese” is that it doesn’t lose it’s shape when it melts. It tastes pretty good- almost a bit sweet- but it can’t really pass, in appearance, for cheese. This is after 30 minutes in the oven. I’ve not used the mozzarella one yet- I’m going to try that soon. Perhaps it will melt differently.

We have more recipes coming, including my sister-in-law’s peanut/broccoli/tofu dish I have now promised to post twice. See, I didn’t get good pictures of it. Picture chunks of tofu draped in beige sauce and you see my problem. Also, I made the chunks too big and didn’t add peanuts, (fresh dental work- crunchy peanuts sounded painful), so I want to make it again and this time make it pretty. All week we’ve been trying out new vegan recipes- including another one from A Couple Cooks that was a huge hit- their Two-Bean Sloppy Joes. That was delicious! My son gave it two thumbs up!


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4 responses to “it was an orange kind of week

  1. Sue Nickol

    I use the Daiya mozzarella to make pizza for my son who is allergic to dairy, and it melts very well. I do use the convection feature on my oven. It does not brown though. We also use Teese cheddar sauce to make awesome mac and cheese.

  2. So glad you enjoyed our recipes – and wonderful to meet you today at the market! :) The carrot dip sounds excellent — did you post the recipe?

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