soup for the soul

I never thought I had wide fingertips until I got an iPhone. I make more mistakes- and the same ones- than ever before, trying to type messages. But some repetitive errors are amusing, and one of them is that every time I type “soup” it ends up being “soul” and I have to correct it. Lately I’ve typed “soup” often, as we just hosted the neighborhood get-together, and called it a “soup supper”. As I sent relevant emails and messages, it kept coming up “soul supper”.

I like that.

We have a great neighborhood association. Very active and caring and fun. Every month, one family will host a get-together for us all. Typically it’s a Saturday morning brunch, but we went for an evening event. I promised soups (and my sweet husband promised hours of yard work and grocery-shopping) and we asked everyone to bring pretty much everything else. And they did. We did two soups, Corn and Wild Rice Soup with Smoked Sausage from an ancient Bon Appetit magazine (okay, November 1995), and a potato/corn chowder from Vegan With A Vengeance. Both delicious (or so I was told, I didn’t eat the sausage one), and more than one person actually mixed them together and pronounced that good, too. I hunted in vain through the Bon Appetit website for that recipe. I’m going to email them to see if I can print it here.

I have no pictures, because despite owning an iPhone, I prefer to take pictures with my camera, which my daughter has possession of while she’s off playing with bears. So here is another one of her beautiful pictures:

I ‘m ready for her to come home. I think she has her moments, too. Mostly while she is huddling, hungry, in a freezing cold tent with rain pouring down and all food stashed up a hill in a truck to keep it from bears. Those moments, I think, she’d like to be home. Eating warm soup. But there are other moments, like this one pictured, that are life-transforming, and worth a bit of cold rain and an uphill hike for food. Food for the soul comes in all forms.

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