I’m Kelly. My daughter is Chloe. My mom is Christine. All of us are vegetarians (although two of us make rare exceptions for fish). We love food and we love cooking! Well, Chloe loves baking (and we love that she loves that). My mom likes meals that don’t take a lot of money to make. I have trained in raw food preparation, so you’ll see some of that from me. But I like making just about anything. The kitchen is where I create- I’m not an artist anywhere else in my life, so it feels very good to get in the kitchen! This is our multi-generational food blog- where all of three of us (and, we hope, other family members and friends) will be posting favorite family recipes, new recipes that happened to turn out well (we’ll hide the messes and pretend they never happened), and in general, our love of good and pretty food. Food that feeds us in a real and deep way. Food that reflects our many tastes, talents, and addictions (chocolate, anyone?).

The name Apron In The Window came about because a year or so ago, as I was frantically trying to find a curtain for our oddly-shaped kitchen window (frantic because we had 24 hours notice that the 8-foot high fence between us and our neighbors was coming down, and code prevented it from being replaced with anything taller than a 6-foot fence, therefore, loss of privacy was imminent), I came across a favorite apron. And I thought, why not? A stopgap measure, a temporary solution. And we loved it (and I have tendencies toward laziness), so it remains to this day.

We would love to have you walk alongside us on these pages. We hope you won’t get dizzy from going from muffins to green juices to red velvet cake to homemade bread to detoxing soups. We like it all! And we are looking forward to sharing our kitchen creations with you! Bear with us while we figure out the basics – like how to post pictures (heck, how to take pictures) and make the posts clear and interesting for you. We hope to hear from you, too!Chloe and Kelly at the “Cinderella Castle” in Fussen, Germany, 2009

Nice picture Chloe took, isn’t it? 

4 responses to “About

  1. Nieves

    I love food so much that I have a collection of many many (too many my kids would say) cookbooks. I can’t walk into a bookstore and not leave without a cookbook in hand. The problem is (rather MY problem is) that I don’t have time to cook & bake. Life has been too busy for me to develop these skills, BUT my new year’s resolution this year is to make use of my cookbooks and actually start bringing those pictures in books out to life and onto my dinner table. I would be more than happy to follow you ladies along and get inspired even more.

    Best of luck and thanks for bringing us along in this your delightful

    • Thank you, Nieves! I have a tiny addiction to cookbooks myself- three new ones this Christmas alone! wait, maybe four… but I am also the same in that I don’t spend nearly the time I would like actually cooking from them! I am determined to do more this year, too, so we’ll be encouragement for each other!! :-)

  2. Joyce Snyder

    i just stumbled upon your blog via a facebook post by the convent..and i feel as though i’ve stumbled into my very own heart. like you, my favorite art form is cooking – and creating in the kitchen is by far the place i feel most connected with God. i teared up at your most recent post – my daughter, born 20 years ago in july, brings me the same joy and delight you express – and she, too, has been off adventuring where God has called her in the Allegheny mountains as a counselor at a camp for inner city kids. i miss her so! i will see her next week for the first time since early june – and i am counting the days and hours and minutes. and i just gave her fair warning: there will be tears of joy! and i would so turn on the oven to make her scones, in fact, i may need to go make some dough right now! thank you for sharing your heart! :)

    • how kind of you- such encouraging words! thank you so much for sharing your heart- I am excited for you to see your girl!! What a treasure she must be! Isn’t the convent a wonderful place?
      my daughter and I cooked together tonight- for some reason, we decided to make 4 new recipes! that’s my next post in the making :-)
      thank you again- your sweet words were well-timed for me.

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