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sauce and chickpeas and salad, oh my

I promised Magic Sauce, didn’t I? And I made it! 101 Cookbooks author and genius created this delicious sauce to be put with nearly everything except desserts. I mixed it in to quinoa and roasted chickpeas, and it was wonderful. Tomorrow I’m going to take her suggestion and cook our breakfast eggs in it. If there’s enough, I’ll spread it on toast. It’s that good.

Magic Sauce is simply olive oil, gently heated, with garlic and spices stirred in while it is warm, and fresh lemon juice added to  deepen the flavors. She advises letting it sit overnight or for a few days if possible, to intensify and meld the flavors.

To roast the chickpeas, I rinsed a can of garbanzo beans off well, dried them, then tossed them in a small amount of olive oil. I used about half a tablespoon of oil, and probably could have used less. I have Frank’s Chili Garlic Salt, and once they were coated in olive oil, they got coated in that spice. I didn’t salt them, because the spice (obviously) has sea salt in it (along with kelp and other goodies). You could use any spice you like. About a tablespoon of spice should do it. I roasted them at 400 degrees for roughly 27 minutes, but next time I’ll roast them maybe 5 minutes  longer. I like them very crispy! Shake the pan (carefully!) once every ten minutes or so to be sure they aren’t sticking to the pan and burning. 

Cooked quinoa, garbanzo beans, and a teaspoon or so of Magic Sauce, and lunch was ready.

Dinner, now, on this rainy day, with the sure knowledge that the basement was flooding underneath me, needed to be a bit special. One of my very favorite meals, and definitely my favorite way to cook tofu, is from Vegan With A Vengeance, by the glorious Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Pressing and slicing tofu, then marinating it in tamari, mirin, rice vinegar, and sesame oil, with the addition of fresh ginger and garlic to the marinade- it’s all fun because I know the deliciousness that awaits me. My husband, who is not a tofu fan, likes this. He especially likes to use the leftover marinade on his steak. :-) 

The best accompaniment to this tofu is also from Vegan With A Vengeance– their Wasabi Mashed Potatoes are simply fabulous and I could eat the whole lot myself. Which is a big reason I didn’t make them today, since we went to a dessert party this afternoon and I knew my carbs quotient had definitively already been met (and exceeded) today. Instead, I swiped whole baby bella mushrooms through the tofu marinade and added them to the pan I roasted the tofu. The tofu roasts for about 30 minutes (depends how crispy, or not, you want it), getting flipped halfway through. I added the mushrooms about 15 minutes in. Sliced, with the tofu, they made a lovely topping for a huge mixed greens salad for my very satisfying dinner. 

I roasted peaches today, too, after tossing them in a bit of coconut oil and coconut crystals, a la Gena of Choosing Raw. If there are any left when I go back into the kitchen, I’m going to follow Gena’s suggestions  and put them into the chia pudding I made today, and into a frozen banana/cinnamon/peach “ice cream” I’m going to make tomorrow. I promise pictures and reviews and more links for those tomorrow (too full tonight!).  I’ll leave you with a not-great picture of way-great roasted peaches! 


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I’m a dork

I am. I really am. In my line of work I’ve hung out with presidential candidates, with high-ranking officials of other countries, with the wealthy, and with the local celebrities. I have no problem with staying calm, cool, and collected with all of them- just people, you know, like me, with a hundred times more power and money, sure, but just people. I feel confident that if a movie star walked past me, I’d either simply not recognize them, or, I like to think, I’d quietly say hello. I would certainly not be so gauche as to ask for an autograph or a picture. I would emphatically not be one of those fans being dragged away, holding their pinky finger to their mouth and their thumb to their ear, simulating a phone, saying “I love you! Call me!!” as the celebrity is very careful to not make eye contact. You know what I mean- you’ve all seen it on TV.

But apparently, I’ve not tapped my star-struck geek potential. I have to find the right person, I’ve learned, to make me go all idiot on them. Yesterday’s post of mine featured a few recipes from Gena, of Choosing Raw fame, and I linked my blog to hers. And she read my post- and commented on it!! Do you comprehend this? It’s Gena, for crying out loud. The blogger I have followed for months, the one that taught me salad dressings and chia pudding and almond milk and vegan-beyond-delicious enchiladas. Gena!! So she commented on the one thing that hadn’t worked out for me- I’d sort of dissed an almond meal cookie recipe that didn’t work for me (my fault, I know! I love you Gena! Call me!) and I got all dorked out that Gena was reading my posts. It was hysterical. I called my husband in the room and excitedly said, “Gena’s reading my blog!” and he looked at me as though he wasn’t sure whether to sedate me or just back away slowly (both wise choices). I read him my gaga response to her comment and he just laughed at me. Appropriately so. But clearly, he didn’t understand. Now, if it had been a Maple Leafs hockey player, or an Indianapolis Colt (sniff sniff- Peyton? really? a Bronco? too sad. but I digress), that would have geeked him out for sure.
It has made me think about how we select our celebrities- the people we’ve never met but that we feel we connect with. People that impact our lives and have no idea they are doing so. The blogging world has opened us up to “meeting” some pretty incredible people who live their lives in such a way that they are an inspiration to us. Gena has become, without ever having met her, a “go-to” person for me- someone I trust for nutrition information and good food and creative ideas.  I enjoy her sense of humor and her writing and her take on life. I have “met” Ann, Coco, Sarah B., Katie, Elise, Matt (love my No Meat Athlete shirt!), Nada, Kristen, Yvonne, and Steph. Sonja and Alex.  Heidi. I have actually met another Katy, (she’s a neighbor!) and Ashley (talk about an inspiration). There are SO many others.So, I started out a bit embarrassed at my somewhat silly reaction to Gena’s comment last night, but I’m not any more. I like that I get geeked out at the thought of connecting with these people. They are my teachers. My guides.  I may never meet them, never so much as shake their hand, but I hope they know how much they bring to me and to the world. They are important to my growth as a human being. I laugh and learn, and sometimes cry, along with them. I root for them. I admire their work and their pictures and their writings.
What a gift it has been, and continues to be, to learn from these amazing people. They don’t just share my interests, they expand my interests. The world gets bigger for me and for you as they share their stories and talents with us.
My final words on the subject: Go read Gena’s blog. And Coco’s. And Sarah’s. And Katy’s. Read. Learn. Attempt. Leave comments for them. They are people, just like you and me. They are living life to the full, which challenges me and inspires me and, apparently, geeks me out. :-) Expanding my horizons makes me happy, and sometimes, even, a little silly. That is okay by me. 


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