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sauce and chickpeas and salad, oh my

I promised Magic Sauce, didn’t I? And I made it! 101 Cookbooks author and genius created this delicious sauce to be put with nearly everything except desserts. I mixed it in to quinoa and roasted chickpeas, and it was wonderful. Tomorrow I’m going to take her suggestion and cook our breakfast eggs in it. If there’s enough, I’ll spread it on toast. It’s that good.

Magic Sauce is simply olive oil, gently heated, with garlic and spices stirred in while it is warm, and fresh lemon juice added to  deepen the flavors. She advises letting it sit overnight or for a few days if possible, to intensify and meld the flavors.

To roast the chickpeas, I rinsed a can of garbanzo beans off well, dried them, then tossed them in a small amount of olive oil. I used about half a tablespoon of oil, and probably could have used less. I have Frank’s Chili Garlic Salt, and once they were coated in olive oil, they got coated in that spice. I didn’t salt them, because the spice (obviously) has sea salt in it (along with kelp and other goodies). You could use any spice you like. About a tablespoon of spice should do it. I roasted them at 400 degrees for roughly 27 minutes, but next time I’ll roast them maybe 5 minutes  longer. I like them very crispy! Shake the pan (carefully!) once every ten minutes or so to be sure they aren’t sticking to the pan and burning. 

Cooked quinoa, garbanzo beans, and a teaspoon or so of Magic Sauce, and lunch was ready.

Dinner, now, on this rainy day, with the sure knowledge that the basement was flooding underneath me, needed to be a bit special. One of my very favorite meals, and definitely my favorite way to cook tofu, is from Vegan With A Vengeance, by the glorious Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Pressing and slicing tofu, then marinating it in tamari, mirin, rice vinegar, and sesame oil, with the addition of fresh ginger and garlic to the marinade- it’s all fun because I know the deliciousness that awaits me. My husband, who is not a tofu fan, likes this. He especially likes to use the leftover marinade on his steak. :-) 

The best accompaniment to this tofu is also from Vegan With A Vengeance– their Wasabi Mashed Potatoes are simply fabulous and I could eat the whole lot myself. Which is a big reason I didn’t make them today, since we went to a dessert party this afternoon and I knew my carbs quotient had definitively already been met (and exceeded) today. Instead, I swiped whole baby bella mushrooms through the tofu marinade and added them to the pan I roasted the tofu. The tofu roasts for about 30 minutes (depends how crispy, or not, you want it), getting flipped halfway through. I added the mushrooms about 15 minutes in. Sliced, with the tofu, they made a lovely topping for a huge mixed greens salad for my very satisfying dinner. 

I roasted peaches today, too, after tossing them in a bit of coconut oil and coconut crystals, a la Gena of Choosing Raw. If there are any left when I go back into the kitchen, I’m going to follow Gena’s suggestions  and put them into the chia pudding I made today, and into a frozen banana/cinnamon/peach “ice cream” I’m going to make tomorrow. I promise pictures and reviews and more links for those tomorrow (too full tonight!).  I’ll leave you with a not-great picture of way-great roasted peaches! 


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quinoa salad

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a favorite of mine. Quinoa is actually a seed, but is considered a whole grain. For a vegetarian, it’s indispensable for it’s nutritional gifts. It cooks like white rice and is as versatile, but packs a protein punch that rice can’t beat. Quinoa is a complete protein- meaning it has all nine essential amino acids- and that is something a vegetarian can’t ignore!

I love mixing quinoa with beans and vegetables and a dressing. A Couple Cooks  have a recipe that I had to try as soon as I read it, and I’m so glad I did! They created a Summer Quinoa Salad with Corn and Tomatoes, and it is both beautiful and delicious. 

Not having had good luck with corn this summer (those poor farmers, how discouraging this drought must be), I skipped the corn. However, I’d just made a bountiful trip to the Farmer’s Market at the State House, and brought home some absolutely beautiful peppers. I used peppers, cherry tomatoes and basil from my garden, red onion, and didn’t tinker with their dressing recipe at all (why mess with perfection?). Served over a bed of greens from the market, it was a perfect dinner. And lunch. And dinner again. 

It was so nice to come home from work and yoga today and have dinner ready in the refrigerator. No need to heat it- just pile greens in a bowl, toss the quinoa salad on top, and, if you’re me, pour a nice glass of red wine, and voila. Dinner is served.

Now I need to make their Dark Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazingly delicious!!


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things that make me go yum

I love food. HUGE surprise, right? But I mean good food. The kind that feeds me, for real. Like Kind granola (this is not a commercial or anything, but with almond milk, this stuff is GOOD).

I’m also addicted to cookbooks- I have so many and I’m sure I’ll keep getting more, mostly because for me it’s like buying art. But art that I can copy, and not just copy, but add my own personalization. It’s pathetically true that I could walk into an empty house, and know that I love it, but not know how to make it my kind of beautiful until someone gives my imagination a push. Pinterest helps a lot.

Anyway, my newest favorite cookbook is Chloe’s Kitchen. Ostensibly, I got this for my daughter Chloe for Easter. In reality, I’m going to hide it from her and keep it. :-) I’m that kind of mean. No, really, what I’ll do is worse- buy my own copy, which will appall my frugal husband no end. But this is a cookbook worth owning. I’ve made her Grilled Lemon-Olive Oil Asparagus and her quinoa salad (which she calls California Chipotle Chop with Agave-Lime Vinaigrette) , and oh my goodness, they are good. The carnivores in the family had to say, twice, in breaks while stuffing their mouths, how good the quinoa salad was. I added some fresh corn-off-the-cob to the Chipotle Chop, doubled the recipe, served it with blue corn chips, and it was gone, baby, gone. The asparagus may have been slightly over-grilled (the picture is prior to grilling) but still had a nice taste, and was very simple to prepare. The Chloe of this cookbook is one that won Cupcake Wars on TV (I rarely watch TV so I only know this from the book) but if her cupcakes have the quality of the rest of her food, I can see why she won. And she’s young and beautiful, which just proves my suspicion that God has favorites. Whatever. Make this recipe. It is SO good.

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