Chloe and I have this little exchange when she arrives at a destination after a journey, maybe back to school, or to a friend’s house in a storm, or to the grocery store.  See, I worry a lot. Not excessively (do NOT ask her opinion on that) but reasonably. So, I ask her to always send me a text that she has safely arrived. Chloe complies, but in the beginning I think the request may have ever so slightly exasperated her, and she began simply texting me one word-“Alive”. I text back, “oh, honey, I’m so glad you are okay and I hope you have fun and be safe and come home soon“. Actually, I just say, “Glad”.

You might be wondering why I’ve told you all this. But it’s been two weeks- almost- since my last post and I knew you all would be worried. Thus, the reassuring title for this post.:-)

We have been insanely busy! Xavier, our French exchange student, has arrived, and his favorite foods, in no particular order, are “meat”, “whole milk”, and “Nutella”. The poor boy had no idea he was arriving to a 50% vegan household. My nephew, on the other hand, thinks he’s died and gone to heaven because, for Xavier’s sake, we actually have meat and whole milk in the house. I think he’s already begging Xavier to stay longer. We’ve made that amazing Saffron Pasta from the gorgeous cookbook Plenty, and Pulla Bread, and Cowboy Cookies, and salad (whoops, how’d that get in there?). Last night I had to slip out to a yoga class, so I left Sweet Potato Chips, Broccoli with Tahini Sauce (from the beloved My New Roots blog), and (gasp choke) roast beef, provolone, and French country bread from Brotgarten for them to make grilled sandwiches. When I returned home, there was plenty of the veggies left for me- but the bread and beef were nearly gone.The two foods you see pictured here are the Sweet Potato Chips, from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen blog:

and above, the Tex-Mex Lasagna from Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health. Both are quite delicious. The “lasagna” went with Colin to school twice, in a thermos. The second time we added a bit of pepperjack Daiya cheese to it and it added a nice flavor. Neither recipe is difficult, and both are vegan. Everyone in the house ate them! I have already made the sweet potatoes once again since I took this picture- it’s a great way to get the guys to eat sweet potatoes!


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