week of the birthday cakes- here’s #1

I love celebrating birthdays! Especially when the birthday belongs to a sweet  little 3-year-old. Rosie wanted a cake that was “pink and yellow and brown and  green and purple and blue”, and I tried. The attempt resulted in rather uneven layers of light pink, dark pink, purple, and light green. I adapted a cake from Raspberri Cupcakes blog- her beautiful shades-of-purple cake became a four-layer rainbow cake with chocolate frosting (had to get the “brown” in it for Rosie). I just added about a 1/3 cup cocoa powder to the frosting. Please go see her blog- the cake she made is an absolute masterpiece!

Rosie liked Nana’s cake.:-) And that was all that mattered. Is she adorable or what? They don’t come cuter than that.  My son’s birthday is next- and his only cake request is “not coconut”. Hmmmm….the possibilities….


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2 responses to “week of the birthday cakes- here’s #1

  1. Janet

    A BEAUTIFUL cake, Kelly, for a sweet little girl!! I bet her eyes lit up when she saw all the colors inside! I’m glad it was a good party and I’m happy to discover your blog, looking at back posts I see recipes I am anxious to try!! I wish we could have talked “food” when we were together on Easter…I love what you do with it…take care. ~Janet

  2. thank you, Janet! it was so fun to make this for Rosie:-) I will talk food any time!!:-)

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