coconut bacon, anyone? or maybe tortilla pie?

IMG_1002Seriously, this is SO good. And the picture doesn’t remotely do it justice, but it’s amazing I stopped eating it long enough to hold my phone over the baking sheet. Cupcakes and Kale did a fantastic job with this recipe. I promise there is no actual bacon in it- in fact, it’s vegan- but it’s got a taste that is reminiscent of bacon. Well, I think it does. My husband disagrees but he was snarfing it down rapidly all the same. You’ll need liquid smoke on hand, as well as tamari, maple syrup, and sesame oil. That and some coconut flakes (not shreds) and you’ve got a topping for salads, eggs (my husband tried that one this morning- delicious!), pasta, anything. Or just eat it by the handful, as we all did last night.

The night before, I made a tortilla pie, using a recipe from my favorite A Couple Cooks. It was so good we barely had leftovers, and those leftovers were breakfast the next morning. Again, this-lazily-snapped- picture-in-poor-lighting doesn’t do it any favors- visit A Couple Cooks and see their gorgeous pictures of this dinner. It’s easy and quick! I left out the hot sauce, because my son isn’t a fan of spicy things. But it’s certainly easy to add the hot sauce on top of individual servings. We used La Tortilla Factory’s Fiber and Flax corn tortillas and it was great. IMG_0996


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2 responses to “coconut bacon, anyone? or maybe tortilla pie?

  1. I thought it was delicious and tasted like bacon!! Soooo good! and Yay for a new post!

  2. So happy you all loved this up as much as we do over here! Still one of my favourite snackings:)

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